Youth give impetus to a renewable energy future

A group of students from Cornerstone College is leading a campaign to combat climate change in their community.

Narelle Long, left, Kelly Hobbs, Maddie Sarre and Amos Washington from the Cornerstone Climate Change Group are hosting a concert next week to raise funds for renewable energy causes within Mt Barker.

Led by Year 11 student Maddie Sarre, the students, who independently started the Cornerstone Climate Change Group, are hosting a fundraising concert next week to place solar panels on a Mt Barker building.
The Repower Concert, an Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) event, has been organised by the 20 or so students to also encourage businesses, schools and local buildings to make the switch to renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.
“After reading and watching videos about climate change it’s very concerning, our whole energy system needs to change,” Maddie said. “… There’s a point where it reaches no return.

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