Warning: 20 flood spots in 9km

The State Government has no plans to undertake major works along the main road to Langhorne Creek to fix ongoing flooding issues.

A car surges through one of the many flooded sections of the tourist route between Strathalbyn and Langhorne Creek. Locals say the winding road floods regularly, even after minor rain, and is extremely hazardous at night, particularly for those not familiar with the problem. INSET: A school bus negotiates a flooded section of the road.

Heavy rain last week caused significant pooling of water along the tourist route  linking Strathalbyn to the wine region.
Three days after the rain began The Courier noted there were 20 places along the 9km stretch between Belvidere and Langhorne Creek where pooled water was still encroaching well onto the road surface and four points where it was completely covered. The road has a 100kmh speed limit.
The State Government spent more than $750,000 on sealing the edges of the road earlier this year but, despite being aware of the problem, no work was done to address the flooding issues.
A transport department spokesperson said fixing the problem would require “significant investment” as sections of the road are lower than the surrounding land and would have to be “prioritised against all other projects on a Statewide basis”.

For the full report, see the print issue of The Courier.