Viewers in dark over reception

A Cudlee Creek man is fighting to keep television “re-transmitted” in his community after the analogue signal is switched off next year following the Australia-wide conversion to digital.

Cudlee Creek resident Janet Allington, left, has to rely on a satellite service to receive limited, interstate digital television while neighbor Geoff Williams receives a poor digital signal. They would like the community re-transmission upgraded by authorities.

Geoff Williams is one of many residents in his area who receive a patchy digital signal or no signal at all.
He is now asking the Adelaide Hills Council to support his push to keep the “translator” tower at Cudlee Creek up and running, even though it has been flagged for closure in 2013.
In the past Cudlee Creek – recognised as a black-spot for television reception – received Federal Government funding for a tower to re-transmit the analogue signal from the Mt Lofty TV tower to help about 100 households.
That tower and a similar tower at Mt Gould near Gumeracha are among about 600 community “translators” across Australia under review by TX Australia (TXA).

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