Truck rollover forces road width rethink

The Adelaide Hills Council has reduced a narrow section of Lower Hermitage Road at Inglewood to one lane after a tip truck rolled down a steep embankment earlier this month.

The Adelaide Hills Council has reduced Lower Hermitage Road to one lane as a temporary measure until works start next month.

Local residents claimed that the section of bitumen, between Milbrook and Millar roads, had eroded away but the council’s engineering director, Tim Hancock, said there was no evidence of collapse and the area had always been extremely narrow.
“We understand the reason for coming off the road was that the truck moved near the edge to avoid an oncoming vehicle,” Mr Hancock said.
“What’s happening to the road now, in recognition of the need to provide something more robust, we have closed one lane of the road.”
In the meantime, the council is working on design plans to widen two 30m sections of the road by up to 1.5m.

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