Time to get tough

The Adelaide Hills Council is looking at installing security cameras at well-known “hot spots” for illegal rubbish dumping in the foothills.

The Adelaide Hills Council photographed this load of rubbish that was illegally dumped near Woodside last year. Staff combed through the debris and found clues to identify and fine the person responsible.

With the clean-up bill for dumping now reaching more than $100,000 a year, Mayor Bill Spragg said the regulatory services department was investigating and pricing different equipment.
It is expected that a report will come to the council later this year.
“We’re talking about it because of illegal dumping along roadsides,” Mr Spragg said.
He said the foothills, including the areas around his home district of Montacute, were prime targets for dumpers who usually drove up from Adelaide.

For the full report, see the print issue of The Courier.