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Ongoing problem

Imagine coming home to find trees you planted on your property or marvelled at over the years for their natural beauty had been butchered.
How would you feel if the historic trees lining your town’s main street were cut almost to the trunk?
These are the situations confronting locals across the Hills with ETSA Utilities contractors working in the region to clear vegetation around powerlines.
It must be galling for property owners to watch on as the chainsaws cut away, as has happened in some cases, almost half of a tree on their land leaving it lopsided and disfigured.

Council votes to lobby ETSA for undergrounding

A 400m section of a new powerline should be placed underground to protect a scenic Hills road, a local council has told ETSA Utilities.

Community outrage stops ETSA tree trimming

Trimming of vegetation near powerlines in Langhorne Creek has been suspended following an outcry from the local community.

‘ETSA destroyed my garden’

A Stirling woman is seeking answers and compensation after ETSA Utilities contractors and workers “destroyed” her back garden last month.

Changes wanted to protect trees from ETSA

ETSA Utilities “butchery” of Hills trees in the name of bushfire prevention is being questioned by the Adelaide Hills Council.