Spring Head students get a taste of technology

The successful rollout of iPads at Spring Head Lutheran School has transformed the way Years 4-7 students learn at the Mt Torrens primary school, its principal believes.

Spring Head Lutheran School students Kellie McCafferty, left, Bo Duncan, Cooper Neindorf and Dougal Grieve are enjoying the opportunity to use iPads for their learning.

After much discussion with her school community, Tori Weiss instigated the program, in which parents of students in Years 4-7 purchase iPads to accompany their children’s learning.
She said she believed the school was the first in the Hills to run such a program and in one week she had four schools contact her to ask how the rollout had been so successful.
“Teachers are reporting high levels of engagement in their kids, increased output of student work, not to mention the high level thinking going on in classes on a daily basis,” she said.
Mrs Weiss said while some parents were unsure about the program, once their children had shown what they were capable of producing on them, they were pleasantly surprised.

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