Overcrowded bus hub causes parking problems

Mt Barker business owners are fed up with bus commuters using their carparks for all day parking, taking spots away from customers and abusing traders when asked to move.

The Park n Ride facility is filled to capacity from early each morning forcing other commuters to find parks in nearby streets, which is annoying shop owners.

The business operators, all situated near the town’s Park n Ride, believe the facility did not have enough carparks from day it opened in 2008 and the resulting overflow is frustrating.
Mt Barker Furniture owner Duncan McLean said commuters were parking in loading zones and the private customer carpark for up to 12 hours a day.
“It’s nothing to come to work and have four or five cars right on your doorstep where we’d like to think customers are going to park,” he said.
Mr McLean has put signs stipulating the spaces are for customers only but said it did not deter people.

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