‘No’ to developer dumping

A developer seeking approval for a 47-allotment housing estate in Mt Torrens has been ordered to stop work after illegally dumping about 30 truck loads of rock and soil near the site.

Mt Torrens residents Martina Wiese and Andrew Carassai say the rock piles recently dumped near the site of a proposed housing estate are unsightly and shouldn’t be there until the development is approved.

The dumping was reported to the Adelaide Hills Council by neighbors unhappy about the proposed development and the unsightliness of the rock piles.
Adelaide Hills Council planning director Marc Salver said staff contacted developer Paul Edwards about the piles on June 15 when they became aware of the dumping and followed up the call with a written stop work order.
“(We) instructed him not to deposit any more soil or rocks on the site until he has obtained full development approval for the development from the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) as it constitutes development,” Mr Salver said.
“Mr Edwards has agreed to comply with this instruction.”

For the full report, see the print issue of The Courier.