Forum drives home a message

Overcrowding on buses, inadequate services to outlying areas and overflowing park n rides are just some of the problems plaguing public transport in the Hills, according to locals.

State Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox addresses a public transport forum in Mt Barker on Monday.

The concerns were aired by commuters at a forum in Mt Barker on Monday, hosted by Channel Seven and attended by Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox.
It follows ongoing problems with bus services across the region from passenger safety woes on packed peak hour buses to crowded bus hubs that force commuters to park on side streets, illegally or in front of shops.
They were among the key issues raised by some of the more than 60 people who packed the Mt Barker Bowling Club for the event.
Other problems included poor bus services from outlying towns such as Strathalbyn, Meadows, Echunga and Nairne, inadequate loop services in outlying parts of Mt Barker and demand for new park n rides, as well as better shelter, toilets and lighting at main stops.
Mt Barker woman Wendee Virgo, who lives in the Dalmeny Park Estate, had to rearrange her life after an epilepsy diagnosis about seven years ago left her unable to drive.

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