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Invalid login: the system doesn’t recognise me

The system tells me my password is wrong but when I click ‘forgot my password’ it tells me that there is no registered user for that email. What am I doing wrong?

Often this error message is caused by using an email address different to the one used to register. If you have more than one email address, check the confirmation message you received when you registered.

I have tried to log in but the system tells me my log in is invalid even though I’m using the same log in and password as last season.

Each year is a new competition and tippers need to register each time. You will be issued with a new Tipper ID even if you register with the same email and use the same password as last year.

Multiple entries

Can I enter more than once?

No. The number of tippers in limited so to be fair to readers who wish to join the competition entries are resticted to one per tipper. More than one tipper can be registered from the same email address (eg. family members).

Changing tips

Split rounds: How can I change my tips this week as I had to fill in all tips last week for half the round and now I can’t readjust my tips for the games this weekend?

Tipping closes 90 minutes before the first game of each round. Unfortunately with split rounds that means tippers needed to enter their tips a week out from some of the games.
You can change your tips at any time up until the 90 minute cut-off.

Incorrect email entered when registering

I have entered my email address incorrectly and can’t login to put in my footy tips, how do I change this?

You can log in using either your Tipper ID or the incorrect email address. Once you are logged in, hover your mouse over the “My Details” menu and then select “Update details”. From there you can correct your email address.


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6 Responses to Footy FAQs

  1. eric arch says:

    We have two different logins with the same e-mail, but will not let us go into the 2nd one. Keeps going straight to the 1st one. Could you please help ?

  2. Colin Young says:

    Hi Guy’s can you please tell me how to see the tipping ladder?

  3. PAUL AMOS says:

    Can I register for the footy tipping please I do it every year …

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