Council queries playground smoking law

Smoking is now banned in all public playgrounds in SA but local councils and community groups are not responsible for enforcing the law – unless they want to.

Smoking is banned within 10m of all public playgrounds but councils and community groups don’t have to change their signs or enforce the laws, the Adelaide Hills Council has been told.

That’s the message passed on to the Adelaide Hills Council after Councillor Malcolm Herrmann asked how the district would be affected by recent changes to Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997.
Cr Herrmann told a recent meeting that he had been approached by representatives of the community-owned and managed sports park at Birdwood who were concerned about their obligations in relation to the playground smoking ban.
The elected member also wanted to know if the council had to put up signs in all its 29 playgrounds and how much that was going to cost.
Health and regulatory services manager Chris Button said the council didn’t have to change its signs so the laws would have no impact on the budget. He said police officers and SA Health tobacco control officers had the authority to hand out the $75 fines for smoking in playgrounds.
“Councils can apply to have authorised officers under this legislation if they wish,” he said.

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