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The grass really was greener on Scott Bormann’s side of the fence last year as Australia sweltered through its third hottest year on record. Thanks to his centre pivot irrigators neither the dry, hot year – nor this week’s soaring temperatures – were cause for alarm for the Langhorne Creek turf farmer.

Summer scorcher

Last year was one of the hottest on record in parts of the Hills, as temperatures soared across the nation.
While Australia sweltered through its third hottest year on record, Mt Barker’s 2018 average daily maximum temperature hit 21.6C – 1.6C hotter than its historical annual average and its equal second hottest year for daily maximums since recording began in 1926.
The mercury also rose in Strathalbyn, which experienced its equal hottest year in almost two decades, while Mt Lofty recorded its hottest day on record on January 28, when temperatures climbed to 37.9C.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s Annual Climate Statement, the latest figures mean that nine of Australia’s 10 warmest years have fallen in the past 13 years.


Also in this week’s issue

  • Unapproved project: The Alexandrina Council may never recover part of the $750,000 it spent on a sub-standard wharf development which was undertaken without the necessary approval from its own officers.
  • Corella control: A Statewide strategy to combat the growing nuisance and damage caused by little corellas will be drawn up in coming months.
  • Camp upgrade: A popular Hills adventure camp is set to undergo the largest upgrade since its construction over 60 years ago.
  • Retail renewal: The revitalisation of Mt Barker’s main street is continuing, with more work planned over coming months to breathe new life into the retail precinct.
  • Smoke and fire: A discarded cigarette butt has been blamed for a fire that burnt through 5ha and threatened six homes over the weekend.