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Cranky Fire Service: Gumeracha CFS Group Officer Rick Drury, left, is concerned that State Government reforms will leave volunteers on the outer. He is flanked by Deputy Group Officers Rob Knobben and Sandra Fawcett and firefighters Michael Roberts, Hans Liedig, Paul Hammer, Ian Cornish and Henry Carter.

Firefighters say reforms threaten volunteer culture

CFS members across the Hills and SA fear their volunteer culture will be destroyed and their experience will be ignored under State Government reforms to the emergency services sector.
A number of CFS Regions, including Region 2 in the northern Hills, have written open letters to the Government and the community about their concerns, saying the reforms will ostracise volunteers and won’t bring promised cost savings.
“The Government wishes to amalgamate the MFS, the SES and the CFS into one super department thus ending the unique culture of one of the country’s most efficient and well respected volunteer fire services – the SA Country Fire Service,” said a letter released by Region 2 on Friday.
“… Please be prepared to support us to discourage any tampering with structures and systems that have previously worked extremely well.”

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  • Emergency measures: Hills householders, farmers and organisations are reeling from the huge increases in the Emergency Services Levy (ESL).
  • Pool leak: Mt Barker’s Mountain Pool is haemorrhaging water, with leaks in the ageing structure leading to a $54,000 water bill last season.
  • Aged care: More than 100 jobs are expected to be created in Mt Barker with the development of a new aged care facility in the town.
  • Bomb scare: A cash box left at the front door of the Mt Barker Police Station sparked a lock down in Gawler Street and a visit by the bomb squad on Sunday morning.
  • Show day: Organisers of this year’s Callington Show have promised that it will be the biggest yet, with boundless activities and a jam packed program of traditional family fun.

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