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Laine Anderson, right, and other Bridgewater residents are delighted with the changed speed limit through the centre of their town after Road Safety Minister Peter Malinauskas, left, asked transport authorities to review a decision to keep it at 60km/h.

Minister moves on speed limit

It took a crash, a residents’ petition and some Ministerial intervention but the speed limit in Bridgewater has been dropped to 50km/h through the centre of town.
The signs went up last week after the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) was asked by Road Safety Minister Peter Malinauskas to review an initial decision earlier this year to keep a section of Mt Barker Road at 60km/h due to “technical” reasons.
The Minister said “safety” was the principal issue for him when he came to Bridgewater about six weeks ago to see the main street for himself, with local resident and newspaper columnist Laine Anderson in tow.
“Where we’re standing right now for instance there’s a bus stop that’s used frequently by school children … and as you’re coming around a relatively curved road without much visibility in terms of the long turn you can imagine what it would be like in a foggy environment with kids around,” Mr Malinauskas said.


Also in this week’s issue

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  • Cosgrove visits: Seniors can expect to receive messages from the Governor-General of Australia on milestone birthdays and anniversaries, but last Tuesday a group of about 80 locals got the chance to meet Her Majesty’s representative in the flesh.

  • Portraiture entry: Bridgewater artist Cory Woods has merged the worlds of art and mathematics to form a masterpiece he hopes will snag the country’s most important portraiture prize.

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