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There was plenty of high-speed action in Strathalbyn over the weekend as the Lower Lakes Stockman’s Challenge returned, bringing with it some of the best bushmen and women in the country. It was the poise and horsemanship of NSW stockman Kieran Davidson that helped him win the final round before he was crowned Legend of the Lower Lakes for the second consecutive year.

Speeding drop

Many motorists are heeding the message to slow down along the freeway, with annual revenue hauled in by the Crafers and Leawood Gardens fixed cameras plummeting by 64% since they were installed.
But the Hills remain a speeding hotspot, with the two cameras still the most lucrative in the State, raking in a combined $3.45m last financial year.
The Leawood Gardens camera has consistently been a top earner for the State Government since it was installed in 2013, generating $6.3m in 2014/15 from almost 17,000 fines.
Those figures have consistently declined since then and last year the camera raked in $2m from almost 5000 fines, while the nearby Crafers camera – the State’s second highest earner – captured 3678 offences, generating $1.4m in revenue.


Also in this week’s issue

  • Bill shock: A Littlehampton homeowner wants the local council to be more “transparent” about how it spends its rates after recently discovering an $1100 disparity between the annual fees charged to the two properties she owns in different council areas.

  • Aged care plans: Concept designs for the future upgrade of Strathalbyn’s aged care facility will be released in the coming weeks.

  • Cat management: Recently adopted cat management rules in Mt Barker could be enforced from early next year, but its council still has to figure out how it will be policed and what it will cost cat owners to register their pets.

  • MFS test: There are thousands of fireplugs across the State – about one every 100m in built up areas – under a yellow steel plate in the road giving firefighters access to the mains water supply in the event of an emergency.

  • Council backs strike: The Adelaide Hills Council has backed Friday’s Global Climate Strike, which is likely to see thousands of Australian school students and employees walk off the job to demand a greener future.