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MORRISON BACK BUT MAYO STAYS WITH SHARKIE: A delighted Rebekha Sharkie reacts to the news on Saturday night that she has been re-elected in the former Liberal stronghold of Mayo.

Sharkie shines

Rebekha Sharkie has cemented her place as the Member for Mayo, winning her third election in as many years over the weekend.
As the Liberal-National Coalition sailed to an unexpected win on Saturday night, the Centre Alliance member maintained her grip on the historically safe Liberal seat.
With 80% of the electorate’s vote counted yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, Ms Sharkie maintained a comfortable 55.35% two candidate preferred lead in Mayo, despite trailing her main rival, Liberal candidate Georgina Downer, in first preference votes.
Ms Sharkie first wrestled Mayo from former Liberal Minister Jamie Briggs in 2016, before defending it at last year’s by-election with a comfortable win.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has contacted Ms Sharkie to congratulate her on her success over the weekend but, with the chance of a hung parliament becoming less likely as the final votes are counted, her vote is unlikely to be needed by the Coalition to form Government.


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